This is my Games Design Document (GDD) for my original game idea.

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Games Design Document

This tab has many different branches that will take you through the design process and thinking behind my game in every aspect.

Game Overview – Each aspect of the game, including mechanics, narrative, UI, Character design and gameplay features

Introduction – A brief overview of the GDD.

Essential Experience – The experience that my game originated from.

Refining the Experience – Delving deeper into the core experience of the game as well as storyboarding and gameplay loops.

Refining the Game Idea – An overview of the complete game idea

Marketing – The ways in which I have promoted the game, through the use of a trailer, a pitch and a logo.

Research and Ideation

This will take you through the research as well as inspiration that I had used to fuel my work.

Mood Boards – This tab will take you through the different mood boards that I had used to mentally visualise my game idea.

Researching Art Styles – This tab will take you through mood boards of the style of art that I used in my game.

Research and References – This tab will take you to the research I had conducted in order to ensure that my game aligns with conventional game formations.

Workshop Activities

Weekly Workshops – This tab will take you to the workshops that I took part in during the first semester.

Game Reviews – This tab will show the range of personal reviews of games that I have an interest in.